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What Should a Coach Do When They feel Nervous Asking Clients to Pay?


This is a typical issue for many trainers, and here is true story to illustrate the problem (and how to fix it!).    Joe was a young trainer who had a really hard time asking his clients for money.     He had no formal education in health and fitness, but he was very passionate about helping people!  Joe also had a lot of experience, but he felt like a fraud.
Joe got all nervous every time he had to ask a prospect to sign-up or a client to renew their training package.      His internal dialogue went like this:  “Why should this person pay me for this?   How will they feel when they discover that I am making everything up as I go?”
The good news for Joe is that he worked under a Fitness Director who cared about him a lot who also had several decades of experience coaching trainers.     The Fitness Director quickly saw Joe’s problem and knew what he needed to do to fix it.
The real problem was not that Joe had a problem asking for money – the real problem was that Joe had a self-esteem problem himself, and it was killing his business and his personal life!
Feeling inadequate is a common challenge for many trainers.      The good news is that there IS a way to get through this to be the kind of Coach you want to be.    
When you feel like you are not adequate as a trainer it is not because you are bad or unworthy – those feelings are an indication that there is a gap in your knowledge or skills (or both).  
Joe’s problem asking for the money was that he did not think he knew how to get great results for his clients!
Joe’s Fitness Director knew this and suggested that Joe do whatever it took to fill the gaps in his knowledge and skills and offered his assistance in Coaching Joe.    
Joe took him up on the offer and they made a plan together to work through this important career and life challenge.    Joe signed up for a NASM certification after their first meeting, and they set-up weekly meetings to review each of Joe’s client’s progress and goals.
Long story short, Joe completed his NASM certification (and several others!) and worked with his Fitness Director.   Joe is now the top trainer at his club.  He never stops learning and growing, and he is actively coaching other trainers who have the same confidence problem he had.   Most importantly Joe has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and live the life they were meant to live!
By the way – this story is not just about Joe – for a lot of you reading this it is about YOU! 
Know there is a way out and we are here to help you!    Brandon, Crystal, and I believe in you!   We know you can be great – so acknowledge the gaps in your knowledge and skills and let us help you build your confidence!
Yours in health and fitness – Greg Maurer – Vice President of Fitness – Workout Anytime


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